Quincy Jones ‘Medical Emergency’ Caused Him To Be Transported To A Hospital

Quincy Jones

After experiencing a sudden medical emergency on Saturday afternoon, Quincy Jones had been transported to a hospital. The 90-year-old multi-Grammy winner had a terrible reaction to something he ate, representatives of Quincy Jones told us on Sunday. The statement said, “He dialed 911 for assistance.” Quincy Jones’ Los Angeles house was contacted by paramedics, who then took the celeb to the hospital. According to the music producer’s representative, not only did he lose consciousness but also had been in good spirits when he received the all-good from medical professionals. The renowned composer has struggled with his health on occasion throughout the years.

Quincy Jones Opens Up On Feeling Great To Be Alive

He had a potentially fatal brain aneurysm in 1974, which necessitated two surgeries and he had to put six metal pins in his head. In his 2018 documentary “Quincy,” Jones said, “I had two brain aneurysms.” “I suppose I might be categorized as having a bit of an experience with brain trauma. My mum had a mental ailment as well,” he added. “She had been a clever lady who had prestigious degrees from numerous institutions and knew several languages, but she was also disabled by an illness that, in modern times, might have been treated with medication. However, during the Great Depression—they would just commit you.”, concluded Quincy Jones.

At seven years old, Sarah Jones, his mother, had been taken away because she was psychotic and had dementia. When Oprah questioned Quincy about his life experiences, he replied that his operation had taught him to be more mindful of people who loved him and cared for him. Quincy Jones had further added that he felt overjoyed to still be alive. The last time the “Just Once” producer was brought to the hospital was in 2015 when he became unwell at his Bel Air home with chest and breathing problems.

When asked, his representative informed the media, “Quincy is OK. He was experiencing some breathing difficulties, so he entered for observation. But he is alright.”