R Kelly’s ‘Chocolate Factory’: Witnesses Talk About Survival

R Kelly
R Kelly

If one were to travel 25 miles outside of Chicago, they would come across Olympia Fields- home to R Kelly’s famous ‘Chocolate Factory’. This is the place where he operated from about 2004 to 2010, as has been stated as testimony during the federal trial of the singer in Brooklyn on charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. State Prosecutors have stated that Kelly was the alleged leader of a criminal enterprise that comprised some of the people who served the singer- assistants, managers, drivers, bodyguards, runners, and others.

Rob’s Rules: R Kelly Had Rules In Place For His Sexual Partners

Along with the charges, R Kelly also faces federal charges of child pornography and obstruction charges in the Northern District of Illinois and faces charges in the state there for multiple countries of aggravated criminal abuse of a sexual nature- several charges he has already denied. If the charges are proven, the singer could face multiple decades in prison. 

The sprawling home of R Kelly previously boasted an indoor, jungle-themed pool, along with a boxing ring, a game room, a movie theater, an aquarium that contained sharks as well as a log cabin, according to witnesses who lived in the mansion. While the survivors testified against the singer, there were several alleged victims of sexual abuse who had already described in detail Kelly’s control which he exerted over people who used to visit the home. Incidentally, the singer has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. 

A couple of women testified about R Kelly’s rules, which they had to follow if they were in an intimate relationship with the singer. They had to wear baggy clothes and make no eye contact with any of the other men. They were also not allowed to leave their room without permission from the singer.