Ed Asner’s Memorial Visit To Mount Zion

Ed Asner
Ed Asner

It is not every day when the owners of a small store would be hosting someone as celebrated as Ed Asner in their business, but it did happen. Well, it isn’t every day either when your business is used as a set for a movie that has Asner as one of the cast members. But this is exactly what happened to Del’s Popcorn Shop in Mount Zion when the store owners, Mike and Trudy Jacobs were playing host to the multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winner.

In retrospect, Mr. Asner has been more well-known throughout the Western hemisphere for his role as Lou Grant in the “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” as well as “Lou Grant”. He also played a major role in “Up”, a 2009 Pixar film.

Remembering Ed Asner 

The opportunity to host Ed Asner came all the way last September, when Robin Christian, the director of the movie stopped by the store and left his calling card- implying that it would serve as the perfect background for a popcorn shop scene in his next movie. Mike Jacobs stated that he didn’t want to sound too overeager or hasty by acknowledging it immediately.

Rather, he took his time instead of calling him immediately. When he finally ended up calling him, Christian went back to Mount Zion and shared a host of other details which would improve the scene with the popcorn shop in the center of it. 

Mike Jacobs said that in the end, it sounded quite a lot of fun- which definitely piqued their interest. Now, agreeing to the movie was a far easier part than keeping it under wraps- especially the part about hosting Ed Asner. Trudy Jacobs kept mentioning that the entire secret was too hard for her to keep, and she couldn’t wait until the movie was released to tell everybody as well as share multiple pictures.

They finally had their day under fame as they shared pictures which included her and her husband with Asner, the director, and several other cast and crew members. 

While the Jacobs wouldn’t be allowed to give any spoilers about the movie, they were more than happy to inform everyone what happened behind the scenes of the movie- especially the part about Ed Asner liking his treats.   

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