Rachel Zegler Address Snow White Critics

Rachel Zegler
Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler is one of the most promising talents of Hollywood. Zegler was always keen on acting and her talent got noticed soon. She has featured in a number of movies recently. 

However, the Colombian born actress shot to fame recently. Zegler was cast in Steven Speilberg’s ” West Side Story”. Rachel did a fabulous job and was praised by everyone worldwide. 

Her talented portrayal caught everyone’s attention. Rachel was soon approached to play the iconic character of Snow White. Snow White is such a character that every girl dreams of playing. Rachel was overjoyed and immediately agreed to the proposal. 

However, this casting choice started a huge controversy. Several critics lashed out at the production for making the choice. They stated how an actress of Latin origin plays Snow White. 

The critics also said that Snow White was someone who had the fairest of skin. Casting Rachel did not do justice to the character. 

Rachel Zegler has finally decided to address the critics. She recently stated that playing Snow White was like a dream to her. 

Zegler also stated that she did not want negativity to get to her. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Rachel Zegler Unhappy With Criticism 

Rachel Zegler is very much disappointed with the ongoing controversy. She has asked her critics to broaden their mindset.

Rachel told the press that she would not read the reviews. Reading negative bites would make her feel doubtful about the role. 

Rachel Zegler also elaborated on the impact of Snow White in Latin countries. She stated that the iconic character holds the utmost importance in Colombian culture. 

The character is looked up to as an icon. Thus, getting the opportunity to portray the character was no short of a dream come true moment for her.