Olivia Munn Posts Hilarious Photos Of John Mulaney With Son

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn shared a couple of mirthful photos of John Mulaney goofing around with their infant son, Malcolm Hiep. Her mother can be seen preparing Banh bao, Vietnamese buns, for the family. The couple went public in May last year. They posed for the smiling pic with their friends, Henry Golding, the star of Crazy Rich Asians, and Liv Lo, along with their baby daughter, 10-month-old Lyla.

In an image shared by Olivia Munn on Instagram, John fools around by placing the baby inside a pot while he holds the pot over his head. Olivia captioned the endearing pic, ‘daddy’s new Bahn bao recipe. She added an emoji of a smiling dumpling. Another shot gives a closer look at Malcolm in the pot. She captioned it ‘Adora-bao.’

The last year has gone by in a rush for the couple. Olivia Munn and her comedian husband first confirmed in September in the Seth Myers show that they were together and expecting their 1st baby.

Olivia Munn Gave Birth Right Before Thanksgiving

Olivia and John welcomed Malcolm just before Thanksgiving. The couple had posted a picture of their adorable baby in December, giving us an early glimpse of Malcolm’s adorable face. The new mom had captioned the pic My Golden Ox Baby.

Mulaney too had shared an identical picture on Instagram and captioned it Meed Malcolm Hiep Mulaney. He further wrote that he had a whole life before him and joked that he was yet to taste seltzer.

The photo share turned into a playdate as Olivia introduced baby Malcolm to Lyla.

Other stars joined in with mock complaints. Adair Curtis, star of Styling Hollywood joked that they were coming for a visit and bringing along their baby, Arrow.

Olivia Munn and Mulaney celebrated their son’s two months. The comedian wished Malcolm a happy birthday, the ‘tiny man’ and his fun companion, who was with him for the last two months.