Ralf Rangnick Supports Paul Pogba

Ralf Rangnick
Ralf Rangnick

Ralf Rangnick is currently at the helm of things at Manchester United. Unfortunately, his stay at Old Trafford did not turn out to be a fruitful one. United has been plagued by a lack of consistency in their matches.

They started the season on a great note. The team looked solid and won a number of matches back to back. However, the shape was soon lost and United slipped further down. One of the main reasons was Cristiano Ronaldo’s off form. The iconic player was roped in at the last moment to play for United. He initiated things at a great pace only to falter in the long run.

Manchester United did salvage some of their pride as they defeated Norwich 3-2 in their recent encounter. However, the fans were not shy about expressing their disappointment towards the players. They particularly targeted Paul Pogba during the match. The fans booed Pogba as he walked off the pitch after the match.

Manchester United fans also used the F-word on the French footballer. This was something Ralf Rangnick did not like. He immediately raised his voice against such behavior and supported Pogba publicly. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Ralf Rangnick Unhappy With United Fans 

Ralf Rangnick has expressed his disappointment at the Manchester United fans. He criticized them for booing and abusing Paul Pogba on the ground.

Ralf stated that the failure for the season came as a whole. It was the responsibility of the whole team that the club could not do well this season.

He requested the fans not to target any individual players for the failure. 

Ralf Rangnick stated that he was particularly happy with how Pogba played the match. He said that his control of the ball in the first half was impeccable.

Ralf would be replaced by the current Ajax coach in the coming season. 

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