Meredith Grey And The Final Season

meredith grey

Yep, everyone’s favorite show has come to an end. Grey’s Anatomy is soon going to end with Season 20. There is a rumor five main characters will be back in the season. However, no one knows who they are. Fans are hoping for Meredith Grey to return for obvious reasons.

The senior doctors have made their way back to the last episode of Season 19. Meredith’s return to the last episodes was quite the shock, not everyone expected.

The fans were definitely rooting for this moment. There is no confirmed news whatsoever about Ellen Pompeo’s return to Grey’s Anatomy.

Meredith Grey Is Back On To The Lab Again

Part two of the last episode comes with lots of twists and turns. Here Nick is dying to meet Meredith Grey in Boston. But when he reached her home some man opened the door. The door was opened and shattered Nick’s heart. The team from Sloan Memorial Hospital reached Boston via private jet. The turbulence made those doctors sitting in the plane do many things. Their life flashed in front of their eyes.

Amelia being a good friend to Nick told him how he made Meredith happy. Amelia could sense the excitement while she was on the plane. 

When the whole group was waiting for Meredith Grey. They manifested a text from her to meet her in the new lab.

Meredith being Meredith, is dedicated to her work to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. She led the group and professionally asked them questions about everything they knew about the disease.

Nick couldn’t hold his emotions and advised her to share the discovery she has made of the disease.

Meredith Grey discovered something that Nick probably destroyed by telling the patient.

Perhaps she wished she should have listened to what Richard told her.