Rand Paul Encourages The People To Object The Coronavirus Restrictions

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Rand Paul, one of the senators from the United States of America, released one video of himself. The content of the video was with regard to the restrictions and regulations concerning the coronavirus issued by the federal government in the country. The senator belonging to the Republican party urged the public of the country to not abide by the said rules introduced by the government. 

Rand Paul’s Take On Mask Mandates

The Republican hailing from the state of Kentucky went on to term the officials who formed the mask and other mandates as “petty tyrants.” Calling them by that name, senator Rand Paul stated that if the entire public got together to defy the restrictions then it would be impossible for them to take any action.

If all the people unitedly did this then the officials would be compelled to give up on the coronavirus mandates. Rand Paul stated that the people should come together to resist the government. If this was done then it would be impossible for them to jail each and every citizen. And as a result, they will reopen the educational institutions and government offices that remained closed for a very long time.

The Kentucky-based Republican is an ophthalmologist who still practices. He is also one of the licensed physicians in the country. He is well-known in the US Senate for the libertarian views that he carries. Rand Paul has always been vocal about his criticism against the federal government related to the instructions and restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. This has been taking place ever since the coronavirus pandemic began in the country. The senator specially named the most influential Democratic politicians, Joe Biden, the country’s President, and Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. He stated that the mask mandates were “anti-science.”