UK lockdown could last until June, Dominic Raab says

UK lockdown could last until June
UK lockdown could last until June

Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary announced that the measures undertaken for the pandemic are to stay in place at least for the coming three weeks. The lockdown will continue as the scientists are not sure whether the country’s epidemic curve has reached its peak yet.

He remarked, “The worst thing we could do is ease up too soon. It would be the worst outcome not just for public health but the economy and the country as a whole”.

Raab made this comment post attending a meeting regarding Coronavirus held by the Cobra committee. The other attendees of the conference were Arlene Foster, the first minister of Ireland, Mark Drakeford, first minister of Wales, Nicola Sturgeon, first minister Scotland and London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

The Prime Minister, who has returned to Chequers from the hospital, is still recovering from the disease. So he could not be present at the meeting. In his absence, Raab has been filling in.

The deputizing minister hoped that the rising number of the pandemic is at last attaining stability. But until the rate starts decreasing consistently the lockdown cannot be eased.


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