Knicks hiring Tom Thibodeau is a slam dunk in every way

The secret to winning a great game not only depends on the players but also on their coach. Keeping this philosophy in mind, the Knicks have hired Tom Thibodeau on a five-year contract as they gear up to become a relevant basketball team again. 

Tom, who has a strong reputation, will be taking over from Jeff Van Gundy, who calls him “one of the best coaches in the world.”

If it had not been for Derrick Rose who injured his knee on one terrible playoff game with the Philadelphia 76ers back in 2012, Tom could very well have led his team to a smashing victory, after the glorious Jordan renaissance.

He is also credited with the success of a beaten-down and broken Bulls team against the Nets in Game 7 of a playoff series in Brooklyn in 2013. Afterward, the Nets coach P.J Carlesimo said, “Everything we tried, they had an immediate answer for. And that team just plays so damned hard. They’re as intense as he is.”

Till then, we can only wait to see the Knicks performance in the upcoming games under Toms guidance.

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