Razer Just Won the Wireless Headphone Wars With Pikachu Earbuds That Charge Inside a Poké Ball

Pikachu Earbuds That Charge Inside a Poké Ball
Pikachu Earbuds That Charge Inside a Poké Ball

You may know of great wireless earbuds like Jabra Elite or you can be a fan of Apple and pair Apple AirPods Pro with your iPhone for a great experience. But if you are a Pokémon fan, you would probably like to have something more ‘showy’. Razer is here with a new wireless headphone – the earpods can be fit into a charging port which is a Poké Ball replica.

If you ever come across Replica’s Poké Ball model, you will get nostalgic. It comes at 120 dollars and will be launched on 16th April in China. If you want amazing sound and battery life, then the new Razer Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless earphones may not be a great choice. It cannot push the top contenders out of the market. It has silicone ear tips to block out any unwanted noise, but it does not have noise-canceling. The 13mm drivers are great for reproducing the bass effect. Battery life is around 3 hours or a total of 15 hours after getting topped off with the charging case. 

Pokémon fans would love the charging case. The paint job is quite bright and true to the Pokémon Universe. With this in hand, you can even find friends on the bus who are also Pokémon fans. 

The Poké Ball Plus accessory of Nintendo was in a similar competition but it had limited functionality and could be only paired with Pokémon Go – the Switch and Mobile game. Razer’s Poké Ball with its 3-hour battery life is a great thing for true Pokémon fans to carry!