Real Madrid Defeats Elche 3- 0 in La Liga

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

For Real Madrid, it was child’s play to defeat Elche on Wednesday. La Liga is one of the most popular professional sports leagues globally. Real Madrid played the game against Elche at the Martinez Valevo Stadium.

Real Madrid Tops The Table

Real Madrid with 28 points is at the top of the table with Barcelona 6 points behind at the number two spot. Barcelona has a match with the Villarreal Team on Thursday. R M won over Barcelona 3-1 in El Clasico who are their formidable opponents. The Madrid coach refrained from resting any of the main players. Karim Benzema the French forward has been awarded the prestigious Ballon d’Or recently. At the end of the game between Madrid and Elche the president of the Alicante Club, Christian Bragarnik presented a plaque to Karim for winning the Ballon d’Or Award.

Karim scored the second goal in the game against Elche. He is R M’s third-highest scorer behind only C R 7 and Raul. Marco Asensio and Federico Valverde were the other two goal-scorers. Valverde the Uruguayan, left no stone unturned to lead his team to victory.

He scored in the eleventh minute of the game. And has a very promising career ahead of him. The coach Ancelotti, was extremely pleased with his performance. Elche though a very weak team got lucky in the seventieth minute. Their player Carlos Clere tried to score with the head ball from close range but failed miserably as Lunin, the goalkeeper of Madrid did not allow it. They had missed their only chance to level the score. Karim’s initial effort to score had failed but in the seventy-fifth minute, he found success. Marco scored the third goal with just one minute to go. 

Though Elche had played well, luck did not favor them.