Larry Hoover Unsure Of Benefit Concert

Larry Hoover
Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover is one of the most famous names in America. He was born on 30th November 1950. He grew up to be one of the founders of Gangster Disciples. Hoover was a famous gangster in Chicago. He committed a number of crimes which ended up in jail. Hoover is currently serving a life sentence in the ADX Florence Prison. However, a couple of American stars have taken the initiative to free Larry. 

Drake and Kanye West have planned a benefit concert to advocate for Hoover. They want the ex-gangster to be released. The concert has created a lot of hype. West & Drake both hope that the tickets will be sold out. However, everything does not seem to be alright. There has been quite a number of issues that have been raised. 

One such issue has been raised by Larry Hoover himself. He is quite unsure about the concert. In a recently conducted interview, Hoover Jr has conveyed his father’s concerns. He stated that Larry is confused about the outcome of the event. Let us learn more about the event in detail below. 

Larry Hoover Benefit Show Faces Uncertainty

Larry Hoover is reportedly uncertain about what the future beholds. His son appeared for an interview via video. The interview was streamed on Youtube as a part of “The Drea O Show”. Larry Jr expressed concerns that the event might have a negative impact. He said that Hoover is afraid of the consequences. 

Larry Hoover Jr further elaborated that his father did not have any negative repercussions. Hoover has been an influential name. It is very much easy to direct the course of an event negatively. It remains to be seen what happens to the concert in the near future.