Reba McEntire Had To Be Rescued Following Oklahoma Stair Collapse

reba mcentire
reba mcentire

On 15th September, country singer Reba McEntire had to be rescued by firefighters through a window on the second story. She was trapped inside the building after the stairwell had reportedly collapsed.

An Ordeal For Reba McEntire

The local Fox News/CBS affiliate KXII said that musician Reba McEntire was on a tour in the historic building. The building is in Oklahoma’s Atoka. However, the stairwell had collapsed in the middle of the tour.

The news station talked with Travis Mullins, the Director of the Atoka City Emergency Management. Mullins had informed the news outlet about the situation of Reba McEntire and the stairs. The stairs connected the third and second levels of the building. However, it collapsed in a way that crushed the stairs underneath them as well.

Following the collapse, Reba McEntire along with the other tourists in the building got trapped across multiple floors. The local news outlet had posted footage in which Reba McEntire could be seen being evacuated. The evacuation was carried out by using a ladder that is to be used in case of fires. It was located on the building’s second floor.

66-year-old McEntire shared her experience regarding the incident in a tweet on Wednesday. She said that she and her team were in Oklahoma’s Atoka checking out the aged historical building. During that while, she said that the staircase had collapsed. She said that fortunately nobody had been seriously injured. She added a short note of gratitude to the police and fire departments of Atoka City for the quick evacuation and response.

Cody Scherrill, one of the people accompanying Reba McEntire in the building’s tour, said that the stairs had looked weak. But no one had noticed the severity of the situation till they heard a loud crash and watched it fall.

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