Jake Arrieta Ends His Second Run With Chicago Cubs With A Release

Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta

Jake Arrieta, the right-hander for the Chicago Cubs, was put on a release waiver with no conditions, on Thursday. This unexpected move was a result of his failure to perform consistently over a period of time. Giving up eight hits and seven runs during the first innings, resulting in a 10-0 defeat against the Milwaukee Brewers added to the cause.

According to the baseball operations president, Jade Hoyer, Jake Arrieta was struggling to get deeper into the starts. He also claimed that the athlete has been given a number of chances, and the team has been patient for him to perform well, but he has not shown results. Hence, Jake Arrieta would be let go from the team. During his previous stint with the Cubs, he had helped the team to secure the win of a title of the World Series in 2016. 

According to the president, Jake Arrieta was sharper at the beginning of the season than he currently is. Over the course of him, his performances have declined. The reason can be age, injury, or anything else for that matter, but Arrieta tried everything he could in order to make the cut. His attempts to regain form and his struggle did not go unnoticed.

Jake Arrieta During His Stay With The Cubs

Jake Arrieta managed to last just a little over an inning while the Brewers made a score of 15 runs to make a win. This made the Cubs take a decision easily about whether to bring in new players or trade off the existing ones in the upcoming trade deadline.

Hoyer, made reminiscing statements about Jake Arrieta during his prime when he was a decisive pitcher in the MLB and could control the outcome of a game. He mentioned that despite his recent performances, Arrieta would continue to be among the influential personalities belonging to the franchise’s history.