Reliving The Beauty And The Beast

the beauty and the beast

The 30th celebration of the beauty and beast happened last night. It has been the childhood of every girl and growing up they have always imagined their beau would be that way. Where all the characters recreated the version from the 1991 film. All the scenes were performed on stage. Along with the characters the audience revisited those days of their childhood. They spiced it up with little changes here and there.

The Live Performance Brought The Beauty And The Beast Back To life

The artists of the play used songs and dances to bridge the gaps between the main film and the dance performance that was being performed. As a film has cuts and retakes so the actor and actresses get time to fix their mistakes, but the live performances are beyond fixing. And the artists have made no mistakes in portraying the beauty and the beast story vehemently.

And portraying a story via dance performance takes a lot of effort, and this time the actors have shown every ounce of a scene through emotions like the falling of petals from a rose were shown via emotions without graphics. Josh Gorban nailed his performance, with ‘if I can’t love her” from the stage version. And the mob songs in Joshua Henry’s voice made the audience question the director of the 2017 film why didn’t cast Henry before.

The dance performance of beauty and the beast concluded with a guitar-shredding moment, where all of the characters squad together. And with all surety now the audience does want the beauty and the beast to step out of the animated series and remake the film again casting these actors and actresses. And some do wish Disney take note of this.

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