How to Retrieve your Child Tax Credit: Measures to be Taken Against False Claims

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Fraudulent people will miss no opportunity to lay their hands on your Child Tax credit. What’s the way out? Under the Child Tax Credit Programme, frequent instances of fraud are being recorded where, prior to you, your dependent can be claimed by someone else. If you ever become a victim of such a crisis, do not fret; follow these steps.

It frequently occurs to people while they are e-filing their return that, to their utter shock, they receive a message informing them that their dependent has been claimed by someone else. In such circumstances, you should double-check your dependent’s information. It is possible that the information you provided about your dependent was inaccurate. It requires only one wrong letter or number input from the dependent’s name to confuse the system.

If you suspect that your or a dependent’s identity has been stolen, there are certain processes to follow. Unless you are designated as the primary or secondary taxpayer on the fraudulent return, federal privacy laws prevent the IRS from releasing the identity of the individual who claimed your dependent. Your dependant must have been the victim of identity theft if you have no idea of someone else claiming your dependant. Consult the IRS’s Taxpayer’s Guide to Identity Theft, which is available on their official website to confirm this. The Interactive Tax Assistant on the Internet provides detailed information.

The Processes You Must Follow To Retrieve Your Dependent’s Child Tax Credit:

  1. First and foremost, make sure you are eligible to claim your dependent.
  2. Complete a paper tax return, and mail it to the IRS, including your claim. 
  3. Provide extensive evidence proving your legitimate eligibility to claim your dependent. 
  4. On the IRS’s approach, answer their inquiries promptly and cooperate with their reasonable requests.