New Stimulus Checks Going Out From Maine

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

For most people, federal stimulus checks ceased arriving last year, but this month residents of one state will get checks. Initial stimulus payments to qualified citizens of Maine were sent earlier this month. Each of these $850 one-time payments comes from Maine. On June 1st, the first installment of payments was issued, and weekly installments are scheduled to continue.

Janet Mills, the governor of Maine, suggested a proposal to distribute $729.3 million, or even more than 50% of the state’s primary surplus, to individuals in the form of direct payments. Supported by legislators, the idea to issue these payments out of Maine was enacted at the end of April as a portion of the state’s budget.

Stimulus Checks From Maine: When To Expect Them

I am happy to announce that, after much effort by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, aid is on the line to the folks of Maine. In a statement this month, Governor Mills stated, “I believe this will bring at least a tiny degree of comfort during these terrible times.”

On June 1st, Gov. Mills was notified that 5,000 emergency aid cheques will be sent out through the United States Postal Service. Once the system is fully operational, it is anticipated that 200,000 payments will be distributed each week. The stimulus payments will be sent to qualified citizens this month or at the beginning of July.

About 858,000 Mainers will get stimulus checks under the scheme. Reinvestment checks are distributed by the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS). The major goal of the stimulus check is to ease the financial burden of COVID-driven inflation on residents.

Inflation has put a strain on the finances of many hardworking Mainers, and although we can not do much about that or the state of the global economy, Governor Mills has promised to provide the state’s residents with the resources they will need to deal with price increases.