Richard Grenell Refuses CA Governor Contest

richard grenell
richard grenell

Richard Grenell stated on Thursday about his reluctance to contest for the California elections. Grenell, who is a close ally of Trump, was rumored to replace Newsom as the Governor. However, Grenell made it clear that he was unwilling to appear for the elections.

Richard Grenell Wants To Explore New Spheres

In a statement made to a newspaper, Richard expressed his unwillingness to appear for the elections. The elections are scheduled to be held in September. It was heavily speculated that Richard will be replacing Newsom as the governor of California. 

Grenell was a well-known name in the political circle. His run as the Ambassador in Germany and his skills in raising funds earned him recognition and fame. He stated earlier that he might be considering himself for a run as the Governor. 

Richard Grenell expressed his interest in exploring various new spheres of work. He has an active institution that focuses on educational and voting fields. The organization was inaugurated in the early part of the year. 

Survey points to the fact that citizens of California are not keen on a recall. The Republicans are high in energy in their quest to oust the ruling governor. They have launched several campaigns against Newsom. However, Newsom seems to be the people’s favorite. 

Richard Grenell seems to have made the right decision by stepping out of the contest. The list of probable candidates is very much crowded. It comprises heavyweights like Larry Elder, Kevin Kiley, Kevin Faulconer, John Cox, etc. The inclusion of Grenell would have only added to the clutter. Voting will take place on the 14th of September.