Ringo Starr Drives By Flashing Peace And Love On Birthday

ringo starr
ringo starr

Sometimes the message of love and peace has to be celebrated like a drive-by. It is, even more, the case in the middle of a pandemic and for a Beatles Star. This was the case on the 81st birthday of Ringo Starr. On Wednesday, the annual celebrations were carried on in a somewhat hurried manner.

Ringo Starr Turns 81

On Wednesday, Ringo Starr met with the press and took photos with his statue making a peace sign behind him. The location, like most years, was the Canon and Santa Monica’s corner in Beverly Hills. The gatherings for Starr’s birthdays are normally much bigger affairs that are announced beforehand.

This time, there were only about 20 fans present who had figured out the place and were looking from past a parricide. More fans were probably at Hollywood’s Capitol tower expecting Ringo Starr to lead a global shout for “peace and love”, like in 2019.

On Wednesday, the star Ringo Starr turned 81. However, he said that he did not give the number any special attention, just like last year’s. He said that birthdays are just something that comes with life, nothing more. His guests included Joe Walsh, his in-law, and Steve Luthaker, the guitarist of Toto. He said that he sometimes feels 18 emotionally, especially since it is the reverse of 81.

Incidentally, he revealed that he had come to the statue last year as well, along with Barbara, his wife. But the press and fans were all distracted by his special presentation being streamed. He joked that he still had his mask so no one can complain. On being asked about his personal celebrations after becoming 81, he jokingly said that he woke up in the morning.

Ringo Starr had recently released “Zoom In” and should be releasing another EP to follow up later in the year.

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