In A New Documentary, Nickelback Responds To The Band’s Severe Criticism By Saying, “It Sucked”


The most popular and mocked rock group of the current period, Nickelback speaks out about the decades of abuse they have had to put up with in this moving song. The recent documentary titled Hate to Love: Nickelback, which had its global debut Friday at this year’s TIFF, quotes band member Ryan Peake as saying “No one takes up a guitar with the hopes of becoming the most despised band ever.”

It’s not a pleasant feeling. Peake’s kids concur, and they briefly appear in the movie to discuss the way the band’s response affected them. Dax Peake, his father, says that “everyone hated Nickelback.” So, everyone was against us.

Nickelback Finds Its Crevice For A Comeback

The video depicts the harsh reality for this Canadian group, including innumerable online memes making fun of everything starting from their music to lead vocalist Chad Kroeger’s hair, and Mike Kroeger, brother of the lead singer, remembers that “it sucked in the beginning.” Mike further mentions that his brother has “thin skin,” coupled with the fact that the initial blows of the mockery were quite difficult for him.

Daniel Adair, the band’s drummer, recalls Chad bursting out in a green room during a previous tour over the criticism. Mike suspects that the band’s occasionally lighthearted lyrics are mostly to blame for the criticism, but he still supports their catalog because “sometimes folks want to listen to nonsense.” In the end, Chad says that he plays Nickelback music for Nickelback audience. “I don’t need to make an effort to win somebody over.”

Hate to Love: Nickelback, which was made by Leigh Brooks, also follows the band’s ascent to fame as they go from performing venues in small towns around Canada to sold-out arenas all over the world. It also discusses the band’s emotional low times, such as Ryan Vikedal’s resignation, Mike’s nearly deadly stroke, and Adair’s nearly leaving the group due to battles with a terrifying neurological disease.