Stimulus Check 2023: Several States Hope To Offer Their Residents Some Relief

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While the majority of states stop future inflation relief stimulus checks and other initiatives to help low- and moderate-income citizens, a few states continue with measures that will put a considerable amount of money in the hands of individuals. 

The state’s round of stimulus checks benefited the beneficiaries since, despite an increase in income following the pandemic, record inflation resulted in a dramatic drop in purchasing power. People were spending less while having more money than they had done before the outbreak. 

Even after all federal stimulus funds stopped in 2021 as a result of price hikes, governments were still required to offer some form of support to individuals. 

Inflation rates began to steadily rise in the final quarter of 2021, eventually pushing them beyond the 9% mark in 2022. 

By the beginning of the following year, even state stimulus checks ran out, and by the first three months of 2023, only the remains of the inflation relief payments announced in 2022 were still being paid out. 

Some states, including California, delayed making their inflation relief payments for the 2022 Christmas season.  

As we approach the last month of the second quarter, the payments from the stimulus check are getting harder to come by. The most recent round of payments is more targeted and resembles a minimum support salary experiment, but several states, particularly those governed by Democrats, have put out fresh proposals. 

States Are Considering More Stimulus Checks In 2023

It has been a long road from the instant total shutdown after the pandemic to the current scenario. For the time being, it prioritizes lowering inflation and helping people with low and moderate incomes in America. 

Back in 2020, the epidemic that was spreading and the administration’s utter lack of understanding regarding its next course of action made the situation appear bleak. 

Then a tentative experiment with stimulus checks began, which over the next two years seemed to cover the whole cost of the considerable proportion of Americans living below a specific middle-class income level. The entire social support policy experiment was a ray of optimism in the dark years of the prior three. 

Even though the prospect of famine, homelessness, unpaid rent, and credit card debt loomed large for Americans, the announcement of the economic impact payments was a huge comfort.

Most of the stimulus check payments still being sent into the second quarter are from 2022-era plans. The Middle-Class Tax Refund was implemented in the middle of 2022, but the payments were timed to occur around the holiday season, giving each family or person between $200 and $1,050. 

Residents of California may qualify for stimulus payments from the Franchise Tax Board, the state’s taxing body, depending on their filing status and their AGI for 2020. Additionally, none of the Middle-Class Tax Refund beneficiaries should be shown as a tax dependent on anybody else’s income tax return for 2020. 

The greatest stimulus check amounts went to joint filers with combined adjusted gross incomes under $150,000, with each filer receiving $350 plus an extra $350 if they report a dependent on their 2020 tax return. Therefore, the $1,050 check was the largest of the state’s stimulus payments. 

Minnesota is one of the US states having a substantial budget surplus. The Gopher State is also considering sending a piece of the surplus to millions of households, similar to what California did with the Middle-Class Tax Reflund, the payout made by the Golden State in 2022 to mitigate the impact of inflation.

In January of this year, Governor Tim Walz revealed his proposal to provide Minnesotan taxpayers with the largest package of tax reductions ever. The ambitious plan also calls for giving up to 2.5 million individuals and households stimulus checks of up to $2,600.

Qualification For Stimulus Checks

Similar to other stimulus checks and inflation relief payments, the Minnesota stimulus check contains qualifying restrictions that include the recipient’s AGI for 2020 and their tax filing status. 

Married couples filing jointly who have an AGI of up to $150,000 will get a $2,000 stimulus payment. Families with children will also receive a $200 rebate for each child. Amounts will be allowed for a maximum of three children.  

The new budget for the next two years include the legalization of marijuana, a reduction in the state tax on Social Security benefits for those above 350,000 in population, and payments of the $1.1 billion child tax credit. A paid family and medical leave scheme will be implemented using the $670 million that has been approved. Several states are still giving out stimulus checks and tax refunds.

Which States Are Offering Stimulus Checks? 

Residents of LAC, California may be eligible for payments of $1,000 per month for two years through the California Breathe, a Guaranteed Stimulus Check Program. For the requirements, speak with the California Tax Franchise Board.


Depending on their filing status, Georgia residents who filed both their 2021 and 2020 income tax returns should have received their stimulus check amounts by May 2022.


A check for around 14% of the entire amount of state taxes payable is available to taxpayers. Refunds were given to taxpayers who submitted their 2021 returns by the deadline of October 17 of the year prior in December.

New Jersey

Those who bought houses in 2019 and had combined wages of $160,000 or less will get stimulus payments of $1,500 under the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program this year, it is anticipated by New Jersey. Based on 2019 wages and whether or not residents were homeowners or renters in this particular year, this sum has been determined. 


The Minnesota Department of Taxes is required by a law passed in May to make direct refund checks to eligible residents. There are still a few days left to qualify for an immediate $4,000 Stimulus Check payout if you live in California and match the qualifications. The receiver is solely responsible for how it is used.

The donation is a part of the Jewish Family Service nonprofit’s Recovery Action Fund for Tomorrow initiative. Requests for compensation began to be accepted on May 8 as a result of the nonprofit. 

The candidates must also reside in one of the 39 San Diego County Health Equity ZIP codes listed on this page. The awardees will be chosen using a lottery mechanism. The first payment spike will occur in June, while the second one will happen in August. A prepaid debit card that may be picked up in person at specific locations or ordered by mail will be used to disperse the funds.