Senator Rick Scott Speaks Of Furious Donors: Major GOP Contributors Peeved At Senators Who Voted For Infrastructure Bill

Rick Scott
Rick Scott

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) and the chairman of ht National Republican Senate Committee have spoken of getting the stick from GOP donors furious at renegade Republicans. They are not amused that several Republican Senators have voted in favor of President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.

If there is one thing that politicians fear more than voters anger, it is when the donors get furious. And that is exactly what has happened with Republican donors peeved at the number of GOP members who went along with the infrastructure bill. And that includes Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  

GOP Donors have informed 

The donors have termed the move as madness and have complained to Rick Scott about the Senators who have supported the passage of the trillion-dollar piece of legislation.

Senator Rick Scott has let known the mood of the donors of the Republican Party to his fellow senators during a closed-door meeting earlier in the week. Reports reveal that several of the senators who have supported the bill were also in attendance at the meet.

A number of Senate and House republicans even attended the bill signing ceremony, which took place just before the Republican meeting. The attendees included Sen. Lisa Murkowski from Arkansas and Mitt Romney from Utah.

Being a GOP donor leading up to 2022 and 2024 has its inherent risks. Though Trump is yet to reveal his hand, the establishment is trying to distance itself from the maverick.

While Rick Scott and the NRSC seem to want it both ways. While they have said that it would be dumb not to seek the blessing of Trump going into the elections, they have also indicated their support for candidates such as Murkowski who are facing challengers endorsed by Trump.

Rick Scott relies on the donors to get itself reelected. But the meeting and the subsequent criticism have highlighted how crucial the support had been for the 13 House representatives and 19 Senators from the Republicans who supported the bipartisan bill.

Mitch McConnell is already facing flak for supporting the bill. The donors have said that it was foolish of Republicans to support the bill.