Roger Marshall Has Plans Of Introducing Fauci Act

Roger Marshall
Roger Marshall

Senator Roger Marshall, the Republican representative from Kansas has plans of introducing the Fauci Act after he clashed with Anthony Fauci. The clash took place at a Senate hearing this week. Marshall will be bringing out the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals Act after he stated that the records of Fauci were not readily accessible to the public- according to a spokesperson for the Senator who informed The Hill. 

Roger Marshall’s Misinformation Surprises Fauci

Roger Marshall’s The Fauci Act would require the website of the Office of Government Ethics to provide the financial administration records for officials like Fauci and a whole other host in the government whose financial records are not public.

The move did come after Fauci was caught on a hot mic calling Marshall a moron for not knowing that the Chief White House medical adviser’s financial records were public. Fauci further stated that he didn’t understand why Marshall was asking him that question. He believed his financial disclosure is public knowledge and has also been through the last 37 years.

A nonprofit journalism center, the Center for Public Integrity, did find out that Roger Marshall was pretty incorrect about the public finances of Anthony Fauci being private, but also mentioned that it was pretty hard to obtain them. 

Almost in the same strain with which Roger Marshall was going about his speech, a reporter for the center stated that she had already submitted a completed OGE form 201 to the NIH Freedom of Information office, and then badgered the NIH office- after not hearing back from them for about a month. 

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