Ron DeSantis Will Win Florida Re-Elections

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

According to The Associated Press, Ron DeSantis won a second term as governor of Florida in a landslide on Tuesday, solidifying Republicans’ hold on power in a state that was once a key battleground as well as his reputation as a leading candidate for the president.

Four years ago, Ron DeSantis was elected governor in a race that was settled by just 32,463 votes, necessitating a recount. This time, he struck Democratic former governor and former representative Charlie Crist, who is well-known in the state. 

Ron DeSantis Will Be Florida’s Governor Again

Ron DeSantis painted Florida as a lighthouse as well as a transformational leader who successfully moved the state to the right in a powerful victory speech that was directed at a national audience and sounded remarkably like a candidate eyeing higher office.

He stated at the Tampa Convention Center that “a resurrection of fundamental American ideas is necessary for the survival of the American experiment.” “Florida has shown that it is possible. We provide a glimmer of hope for brighter times to come.

It was challenging to overestimate the significance of Mr. DeSantis’ triumph. Tuesday night’s unofficial results put him ahead by about 20 percentage points, easily the biggest lead by a Republican contender for governor in Florida’s recent political history. In 2002, former governor Jeb Bush triumphed by 13 points.

Mr. DeSantis ran his campaign as a brash CEO eager to challenge public health professionals during the coronavirus outbreak, in contrast to previous statewide candidates who softened their ideas to appeal to the middle of a split electorate.

He was so certain of winning that he traveled out of state for a portion of the previous several weeks to support other Republican candidates at political gatherings.

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