Jake Kumerow Cut Might Be The Key To Aaron Rodgers’ Decision

jake kumerow

In September, Jake Kumerow was dropped by the Packers even though Aaron Rodgers had insisted a day earlier that he is integral to the team. Thus, speculations are rife as to whether that could have been the final breaking point for Rodgers.

The Cascading Effect Of The Jake Kumerow Cut

NFL.com’s Ian Rapport reported that Rodgers had expressed his desire to have a more central role in decisions concerning personnel. Moreover, the Jake Kumerow incident apparently drove the man nuts, especially since he had heartily praised the player just the day before. The incident is being called the relationship’s “death knell.”

29-year-old Jake Kumerow had managed to catch 20 passes in the 322 yards he covered. He scored two touchdowns during his two years with the team. Last season, he had managed to catch one pass in 22 yards along with one score against the Buffalo Bills.

Of course, the Jake Kumerow incident is just one of several conflicting reports regarding the reason behind Rodgers’ discontent at the Packers. On Friday, Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported that Rodgers is adamant on his decision to not return for the team as long as Brian Gutekanst, the current general manager leads the organization. As such, the source continued that hardline options are being considered by the veteran QB which includes refusing to attend offseason activities, training camps, and even retirement.

However, Brian Gutekanst has claimed that there have been no such communications between him and Rodgers thus far. He further believes the relationship is not broken. He claimed that only one call came in the weekend inquiring about a possible trade for Rodgers. However, the conversation ended with him denying the possibility curtly.

There are other factors, as well, like the Packers using their pick for the first round to pick QB Jordan Love in 2020. Be that as it may, the most likely reason is a combination of all of them including the Jake Kumerow cut.