5 Ways to Take Your Instagram Popularity to the Next Level


Even though you have been using Instagram for a while now, you haven’t yet succeeded in gaining a lot of popularity. Your heart breaks every time you view your profile since the only followers you have are the few dozen you acquired in the initial few weeks of signing up (which mostly coincide with your friends).

If you found this post after looking for tips on how to get more Instagram followers, you probably want some guidance to improve the current situation and increase your visibility on the most well-known photographic social network in the world.

Did we guess correctly? We will be happy to assist you!

Post Content Regularly

The first step to reaching success on Instagram is to post engaging content consistently. By posting frequently, you train your followers to check your profile often to see what intriguing photos you have shared lately.

You must mix the type of photos and content you choose to upload regularly. Instagram users value high-quality images, so it is also best to refrain from publishing pictures with low quality, many filters, or other obvious flaws.

Interact With Other Users

Are you looking to get more real Instagram mentions and grow your following? One way to do so is to interact with other users by commenting on their photos, following them, and liking their posts. This allows others to discover your profile, potentially leading to real Instagram mentions and new followers.

To interact, you must obviously put more effort into communicating, interacting with other users, commenting on popular postings, expressing your ideas on a certain subject, and starting productive debates.

While doing so, try to show respect for whoever is on the opposite side of the screen. Don’t be a hater; the internet already has too many of them. Instead, strive to adhere to the advice we provided you, which could be especially helpful for increasing your Instagram reputation.

Observe What Works Well on Instagram

Another excellent method to increase your Instagram popularity is to copy well-liked posts on the platform. You can quickly learn what topics are trendy on this platform, how to interact with your audience, and other things if you follow advice from people who are already very popular.

Open Instagram on your smartphone, tap the magnifying glass icon, and navigate through the list of the most popular posts to get a glimpse at the content of the most followed users.

Iconosquare, a paid online service that can assist you in finding interesting content based on the categories of your interest and that even enables you to view some related statistics about your Instagram profile, is a “third party” tool that you can use to analyze the most popular Instagram content.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Using hashtags effectively is crucial if you want to succeed on Instagram. If you follow Instagram, you almost certainly already know what a hashtag is—a word or phrase usually written in English and followed by the symbol (#).

But have you ever pondered the purpose of a hashtag?

When people search for a particular topic on Instagram, they can browse relevant content based on the hashtags that characterize them. This is why some people sometimes refer to hashtags as “labels.”

Therefore, as you can see, the importance of hashtags should not be underestimated. So, make sure that you’re using hashtags that are both the most popular and relevant for your content.

Link Other Social Media Profiles

If you want to grow your popularity on Instagram, connecting with other profiles is crucial. By doing this, you can share the Instagram photos you publish on other social networks to which you have already subscribed, starting with Facebook. More people will see your material and may decide to follow you as a result.

What to do in order to link your social media accounts to your Instagram account?

The process is straightforward: open the Instagram app, tap on the tiny icon near the bottom of the screen, press (…) to access the Options, scroll the screen you see, and choose the Connected accounts option you see under the title Settings. You only need to click on the button for the social network you wish to link to your Instagram account and then follow the on-screen directions.