Rudy Giuliani Sued By Former Poll Workers

rudy giuliani
rudy giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s advisor, is being sued by 2 former Georgia poll workers. The duo is also suing OAN and its heads for spreading false rumors about the worker’s hand in last year’s elections. 

They said that the rumors put them and their livelihoods at risk. The conspiracy theory was debunked but One America News Network kept pushing it. OAN had close ties with the then President, Donald Trump.

During the elections in Nov 2020, Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman, her father, were election officers. They counted the ballots at SFA in FC, Georgia. The pair became the subject of multiple debunked conspiracy theories. This resulted in them receiving various threats and getting harrassed. 

The father-daughter duo filed a lawsuit against the former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and several head executives of One America News Network. OAN is a California-based news network. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in DC’s District Court. 

Rudy Giuliani Tried To Cut Losses In Nov 2020 Elections

Rudy Giuliani and the news network falsely accused them of partiality and interfering with an honest election. The vicious lies led to many people becoming hostile towards them. 

Since Donald Trump was losing the state elections of Georgia, his top associates started spreading rumors to turn the tables. Rudy Giuliani and OAN were pushing false stories to hopefully get another election. 

An OAN clip from early Dec was released. In the video, a woman claimed that she saw the two election officers taking out ballots. She believed that the ballots were false and were to help Joe Biden win. The accusation was quickly debunked by the Georgia election committee. They found that the ballot containers were the ones normally used and not filled with false ballots.