Michel Prazeres Claims That Fertility Treatment Resulted In A False Positive

michel prazeres
michel prazeres

Prazeres is infuriated with the USADA. The US Anti-Doping Agency sent a report stating that Michel Prazeres tested positive for numerous banned substances. On Thursday, the USADA ruled a 4-year suspension for Michel Prazeres. He had been serving a suspension since 2019. He will not be able to compete before 2025. 

Michel Prazeres’ Claims A False Report

Michel decided to quit but did not when he realized that the USADA cannot ban him in other countries. 

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Prazeres revealed he was all set to fight Clay Guida this December. After the drug test returned positive, he was substituted by Leonardo Santos. The test showed that Prazeres had clomiphene, oxandrolone metabolites, testosterone (exogenously introduced), and more in his blood. 

After the results, Michel Prazeres requested to be released from his UFC contract. He was open about his ongoing fertility treatment. He informed MMA Fighting of his doctor’s prescription for Clomid. The fertility treatment was successful. Michel’s wife Cassia is in the first trimester of her pregnancy.  Michel Prazeres claimed that he informed USADA of his ongoing treatment. He explained that Clomid is medication and not a body-boosting drug. 

The USADA interviewed him, Cassia, and their doctor. They even took prescriptions and went over his medical records. Michel feels greatly disrespected. Even though he was honest about his medications, the USADA sent back a positive drug test report. 

Michel currently works as a policeman in Brazil. He hopes to resume his MMA career in Feb 2022. The USADA regulations do not influence the BMMA committee. Michel Prazeres said that family came first and that giving his wife a second child took priority over his UFC career in the US.