Donald Trump’s Case Hearing Being Debated By The Supreme Court 

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

On 23 Dec, Donald Trump filed a plea to the SC. He appealed to not release the White House documents and for them to be kept a secret. The document contains seven hundred pages of details of what exactly went down on Jan 6. 

The Select House Committee requested the Supreme Court Judges to give a definite answer of whether they would take up Donald Trump’s case. They hope that by mid-January the Supreme Court will have an answer.

The Select House Committee is in charge of investigating Donald Trump and his top associates’ roles in the Capitol Attack on 6 JanThey seek to prevent assaults designed to change the election outcome. They believe that Donald Trump directed his supporters to attack the Capitol building. His main goal was to deter the certification of Joe Biden’s win. 

Donald Trump’s Appeal 

In his appeal, Trump requested the SC to review the whole case and not let the detailed documents be released to the Select House committee. 

The document contains activity logs, speech notes, schedules, and 3 pages of notes handwritten by Mark Meadows. Mark Meadows was the former chief of staff. The paperwork could reveal what happened in the West Wing while Donald Trump’s followers raided the Capitol. Trump’s interaction with the top officials could be in the 700-page long document. 

Earlier Trumps’ arguments that questioned the validity of the documents and requests for a broad investigation were rejected. Once by the district court and again by Washington’s court for appeals.