Russell Westbrook Opens Up About The Disappointing Season And Frank Vogel

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

With Frank Vogel removed as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers earlier in the day, Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook opened up about the disconnect that existed between the two of them in his first season in L.A.

“I think it’s unfortunate, to be honest because I’ve never had an issue with any of my coaches before,” Westbrook said on Monday after his exit interview with the Lakers’ front office. “I’m not sure what his issue was with me or I’m not sure why, but I can’t really give you an answer to why we really never connected.”

Russell Westbrook, who was the highest-paid player during the Lakers’ nightmarish 2021-22 season, wasn’t done with his griping with just the coach, either. He took aim at several other aspects of his Lakers experience that went awry in his 21-minute news conference, detailing how he felt he was wronged.

Russell Westbrook Believes That False News Was A Factor Behind His Struggles

“When I first got here, the ability to be able to do what I’m able to do for a team and an organization wasn’t given a fair chance,” he said.

Westbrook went on to blame false news reports as a contributing factor to his struggles this past season.

“The famous ‘source’ stories that came out about myself, whether it be between me and the staff, me and Frank, me and the fans, there’s just so many made-up stories that are not true,” Westbrook said. “It’s just always having to fight against that constantly. It’s just not [being] given a fair chance. It’s like, ‘OK, now I got to fight against this made-up story. Now I got to fight against this one. Now I go to fight against this one. Now I got to fight against this one.'”

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