Russell Westbrook Opens Up About The Disappointing Season And Frank Vogel

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook, the point guard for the LA Lakers, talked about the rift he and former coach Frank Vogel had during his first year in Los Angeles after Vogel was fired earlier in the day.

After his departure talk with the LA Lakers’ office on Monday, Westbrook stated that it was terrible, as he’s never had a problem with any of his coaches before. “I can’t really offer you an explanation why we never bonded, but I don’t know what his problem was with me or why.”

Russell Westbrook, the Lakers’ player with the highest pay in their disastrous 2021-22 campaign, wasn’t through complaining about the team’s direction after he had already criticized the head coach. In his 21-minute press conference, he detailed the many ways he thought he had been victimized by the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook Believes That False News Was A Factor Behind His Struggles

The potential to contribute what I can for a certain organization was not given a fair shot when he first arrived, he added.

Westbrook went on to say that he believes unfounded media rumors were a part in his poor performance this year.

Westbrook stated that there were so any made-up tales that were not factual, including source stories about Westbrook- if this issue was between him and the staff, or him and Frank.

It was like, he, now had to fight against this made-up tale and then against the next one.