Russia Invasion: US And Other Western Powers Are Certain Of Sanctions


As of 24th February 2022, Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is condemned by the entire world and most countries of the west are of the opinion to impose heavy sanctions on Russia in all and every aspect. Canada affirmed that an investigation would be initiated on Aeroflot flight 111 in the light of the violation of the ban of all Russian flights as the same has entered the Canadian airspace this Sunday. Further, the Canadian Transport Minister stated that the nation highly condemns President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

The White House confirmed that the President of the USA, Joe Biden would discuss the situation of said invasion with allies of the nation. Further, the First Lady of the USA as well deciphered her concern for mental health in the given situation. In addition to the said discussion of sanctions, the company of Google tends to cut off the ad revenue for Russian state media on Saturday. Following the said announcement, the parent company of Facebook, Meta revealed a similar response for Russian state media. 

Is There A Probability Of Another War In The Future For Russia’s Actions

In light of the recent situation, the USA and other western powers have decided on mere sanctions that can be imposed owing to the actions taken by President Putin. However, as Ukraine is not a member of NATO, thus the US or NATO is not willing to deploy their forces on Ukrainian soil.

The US President explicitly believes that the act of deploying soldiers may draw in a world crisis that may potentially lead to another world war. However, Ukraine is bordered by Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania which appears to be the members of NATO and in the case where Russia deciphers a threat on these countries, NATO alliances shall reciprocate.