Russia’s Jammers Are Wreaking Havoc On US Missiles

Russian Escalation

According to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation who spoke to CNN, Russia routinely prevented assaults in Ukraine by mobile rocket systems produced in the US. The GPS-guided targeting mechanism of the rocket is purportedly confused by electronic jammers used by them, leading it to miss its objectives.

The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), undoubtedly the most admired and feared weapon in the conflict in Ukraine, has been used by Ukrainian military officials with the help of the US, who has reportedly helped them find several workarounds.

Russia And Ukraine Are Still At War

At the same time that Ukraine is preparing to launch a significant counteroffensive against Russia, CNN reports on missile jamming. Last year, the HIMARS proved to be a “game changer,” assisting the Ukrainian counterattack and allowing the army to retake huge areas of its territory, notably Kherson.

Military analysts have always underlined that, after being shaken by the HIMARS, they quickly altered their tactics to meet the threat. According to five US, British, and Ukrainian sources, Russia’s aggressive blockage has made the systems less efficient in recent months.

This has compelled US and Ukrainian officials to look at ways to change the HIMARS software to prevent the Russians’ expanding jamming efforts. However, the article does not state if they have been successful thus far.

Trying to halt the jamming while simultaneously letting them stop you, according to a Pentagon official, “is a constant cat-and-mouse game.” Additionally, it’s uncertain how long that game will last.

Before this, the released Pentagon documents had shown that they were jamming the JDAM smart bombs that the US had given, causing them to fail. The effectiveness of guided rockets and bombs launched by Kyiv’s armed forces had been significantly decreased as a result of Russia’s jamming, according to some anonymous American officials at the time.