Stephen A Smith On Kevin Durant’s Decision To Leave Curry For Irving

stephen a smith
stephen a smith

Fans will never stop debating Kevin Durant’s choice to leave OKC for a Warriors club, but Stephen A Smith says Durant may come to regret leaving GSW after winning two championships.

After winning consecutive NBA Finals MVP awards, Durant tore his Achilles in the 2019 series and opted to join his close buddy Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn.

Stephen A Smith Looks At It From A Business Perspective

That move has not been successful on the floor as of yet. Stephen A Smith believes that from a purely financial standpoint, Kevin should have signed with the Knicks rather than the Nets. However, from the standpoint of Durant’s legacy, Stephen A Smith believes that Durant will be remembered as “the person who abandoned Steph Curry.”

“The issue is not that he moved away from Golden State; the issue is why he moved away from Golden State.

If the Warriors are successful in making it to the championship round, regrettably for Durant and in a manner that is completely unjust to him, people will remember him more for the fact that he dumped Curry for Irving than they will remember the titles themselves. Because of how unpredictable Kyrie Irving has been, that move seems to be that level of stupid right now. Because of this, that is how stupid it seems to be.

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