Stephen A Smith On Kevin Durant’s Decision To Leave Curry For Irving

stephen a smith
stephen a smith

Kevin Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City to join a 73-win Warriors team will always remain a contentious issue among fans, but according to Stephen A Smith, Durant’s decision to leave Golden State after winning two titles could be a move that haunts him.

Durant became a two-time NBA Finals MVP in consecutive years, but after suffering a torn Achilles in the 2019 finals, Durant decided to come to Brooklyn to team up with close friend Kyrie Irving.

Stephen A Smith Looks At It From A Business Perspective

That move has yet to pay off on the floor. Stephen A Smith says that from a business perspective, Durant should have joined the Knicks over the Nets, but from a legacy perspective, Durant could be remembered as “the dude who left Steph Curry.”

“It’s not that he left Golden State, it’s what he left Golden State for.

If the Golden State Warriors advance to the finals… unfortunately and totally unfair to him, people will remember [Durant] more as being the dude who left Steph Curry for Kyrie Irving than they’ll remember the championships. Because that’s how idiotic that move appears to be as of right now because of how unreliable Kyrie Irving has been.

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