Salt-N-Pepa Stands To Be Unapproved By DJ Spinderella


Lifetime made the release of the film, Salt-N-Pepa. This took place on the 24th of January evening. The name of the new film is “Salt-N-Pepa”. It is centered around the real-life events of the group of rappers, all of whom are females. The all-female group rappers in question are the first such group to win the Grammy awards for the rap music genre. It is also the first group to earn the title of platinum-selling.

Salt-N-Pepa; The Controversy

Over the years, almost all of the projects of the cable company, Lifetime, are known for crawling out of the woodwork but things are different with Salt-N-Pepa. The movie is produced and written together by Salt and Pepa. Queen Latifah, an old friend of the rappers, is also a co-producer. However, DJ Spinderella, the third member of the team, has no role to play in the Lifetime project.

The reason for the absence of DJ Spinderella in Salt-N-Pepa dates back to the year 2019 when the rapper had been taken out from the group. The DJ is also known as Diedre Roper. She joined Salt and Pepa in the year 1985. It was the same year the group released its first-ever album. The three artists spent almost 30 years as a team. later, Salt and Pepa were sued by DJ. The allegations that were made against them were related to royalties that were unpaid.

The third member took to the social media platform, Instagram, to express her feelings with regard to the news of the film, Salt-N-Pepa. DJ Spinderella Tweeted about the fact that she felt terrible over the fact that two of her former teammates disempowered her. Diedre Roper also wrote that the whole legacy of an all-female group, Salt n Pepa, was to work towards female empowerment and the situation of the current time appeared to be quite the opposite.

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