Grey’s Anatomy: Sam Page Could Be Jo Wilson’s New Love Interest

Sam Page

Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 19 has put us through a lot: there was Meredith’s departure, her house burning down, Maggie and Winston’s marital problems, and anti-abortion demonstrators. Just another typical day at Seattle Grace, you know.

Therefore, it is quite unexpected that they are introducing a new character at this point in the game. The Grey’s Anatomy episode airing on May 4 will be centered around Sam Sutton, who is portrayed by actor Sam Page! Variety announced that Sam Page would be joining Grey’s Anatomy as Sam Sutton on April 5, 2023. 

Sam Page And Jo Have Sparks Flying

ABC describes Sam Sutton as “an Air Force pilot who is seriously wounded in a base-jumping accident.” Despite dealing with tragedy, he retains his sense of humor and charisma.”

The narrative of the May 4 episode titled “Come Fly With Me” is described as follows: “Teddy calls an emergency meeting to discuss the intern program.” Link struggles with self-doubt as he prepares for a major operation, while Nick offers some much-needed advice to a suffering Lucas.” 

According to the preview, Sam Sutton’s procedure is the one Link is getting ready for. What did he break? Link asks Dr. Owen Hunt in the trailer’s opening scene. Femur? Tibia? Humorous? Pelvis? Owen then responds, “Yes.” Then, we meet a man named Sam Sutton, who is all battered, bruised, and bandaged, and he quips, “Don’t worry, it feels worse than it looks.” According to the results, he “sustained multiple fractures to all four extremities.” Sam Sutton even makes a move and makes a date request to Dr. Jo Wilson.