Ron Johnson Is Criticized For Being A Racist For His Comments On The Capitol Riot

Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson, the senator from the state of Wisconsin, is currently facing criticism for his comments. He is accused to be a racist. The reason for this originates from an interview that was attended by the senator this Thursday.

Ron Johnson’s Views On The Rioters

Ron Johnson had a conversation about the Capitol riot that broke out on the 6th of January that ended up killing a total of 5 people. The Republican senator stated that he worried very little about the rioters who were pro-Trump. The reason for his was because they were white. He further went on to say that he would have been very worried if the rioters belonged to the cause of “Black Lives Matter,”

The host of the interview was Joe Pagliarulo. The Republican senators also revealed the soft corner he has for the Capitol building rioters. He stated that they are the patriotic citizens of the United States of America. He also said that they have genuine respect for the law enforcement of the country. According to Ron Johnson, the rioters who stormed the building on the day the Congress was making the victory of President Joe Biden official, would never break any law.

The Republican added that he would definitely be concerned had the case been different. That is if former President Donald Trump had gained victory over the 2020 presidential elections and the rioters belonged to the cause of “Black Lives Matter.” He is referring to the protestors from the far-left popularly known as the anti-fascists. They stand against the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis at events and demonstrations.

The comments given by Senator Johnson led to an outrage among the Democrats of Wisconsin. It included the state senator from Milwaukee, LaTonya Johnson.