Mnuchin, Meadows make rare weekend trip to Capitol as GOP prepares coronavirus package

As Republicans are on their way to unveil their Coronavirus package on Monday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows make a weekend trip to Capitol Hill as a part of negotiations on the proposal.

It comes after Mnuchin told the reporters on Thursday that there was a “fundamental” agreement on the shape of the upcoming GOP proposal.

The unemployment benefits are one of the main points in the proposal attracting differentiated opinions from all. According to a few GOP lawmakers, there will be a need for a flat amount of employee benefit, but it is uncertain what exactly that would be.

A suggestion has been put forth where a person could be offered around 70 percent of what he was receiving before the layoff.

The state however has warned that considering the archaic system, it might take a considerable amount of time to switch to the new proposal.

Pertaining to unemployment is also the issue of unemployment insurance provision.

“We’re very focused on the UI is running out. We want to make sure that we can extend the UI, but have the technical fix and not pay people more to stay home,” Mnuchin told reporters after the meeting. 

After the unveiling, there would also be a discussion with the Democratic leadership. McConnell, speaking in Kentucky on Friday, said he hoped to get an agreement in a few weeks. The Senate is scheduled to leave Washington on the Seventh of August.

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