Sandra Bullock Comes Up With A Gritty Performance In Unforgivable: A Big Twist Enlivens Netflix’s Drama


Based on a British television series, Unforgivable stars Sandra Bullock is a grim visage where the filmmaker and the protagonist withhold a key piece of information adding to the tension at the end. The revelation nearing the end of Unforgivable gives a new twist to the storyline.

The shocking melodrama begins with Ruth Slater walking out after 20 years for good behavior. A convicted cop killer, her character has grayed beyond her years and she reveals her persistent mission at the onset.

She lives only to find her younger sister, taken cruelly away from her on the fateful day the sheriff died. The trauma and loss are written all over her face as she takes on her desperate mission head-on with no support from a society that has rejected her.

The opening scenes of Unforgivable are confusing and a tad clumsy as Ruth’s lost sister, played by Aisling Franciosi, is shown getting involved in a car accident as she dozes off in her car. the poor editing leaves viewers confused as to the link. One might be forgiven to surmise that Katherine was hit by Ruth.

Several Loose Ends In Unforgivable Contributes To A Confusing Storyline

The age factor is also a bit confusing. Katherine is supposed to be 25 given that Ruth returns after 20 years to meet her. But Katherine appears to be a teenager dependent on her overprotective parents who had adopted her.

Ruth is driven to the halfway house by her empathetic parole officer, Vince, (played with admirable restraint by Rob Morgan), and is frustrated as she tries for a job as a carpenter. She eventually ends up in a fish packaging factory.

There is the dysfunctional unstable family of the dead sheriff, with his two sons bent on taking revenge for their father’s death.

Sandra Bullock remains the sole redeeming feature of Unforgivable with her deglamorized edginess. The other characters are in for the ride and lack the completeness to complement Bullock.

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