Senate Republicans Unveil COVID-19 Bill That Reduces Enhanced Unemployment Benefits, Provides Liability Protections

The Senate, on Monday, unveiled a COVID 19 pandemic relief bill which lessens the size of unemployment benefits of extra $200 a week, from the $600 at present (pertaining to the short term)

The extra Two hundred dollars a week would be applied from September, following a measure in August to replace 70% of a working man’s wages that have been lost in the wake of the pandemic.

The bill also includes protection proposals for businesses so that they focus on the regeneration and growth and loans for enterprises hardly hit.

A $1200 “rebate” payments to the eligible people have also been suggested, along with a payroll tax credit and more money for Coronavirus testing.

The legislation has opposed outlining the measures as insufficient, according to them.

“Why are you quibbling over $600 when people need that to buy food, pay the rent?” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC.

It must be noted, that the COVID 19 pandemic has hit badly the global economy, consuming thousands of jobs and lives. All the countries are striving hard to strike a balance between saving their economy and citizens at the same time.

The current unemployment rate has fallen drastically since February to a low number of over 14 million unemployed individuals. 

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