Sha’Carri Richardson, US Sprinter Tested Positive For Marijuana!

Sha'Carri Richardson
Sha'Carri Richardson

Sha’Carri Richardson, the American sprinter who managed to win a hundred meters women’s race last month, has tested positive for marijuana. She won the race which took place in the trials of the US last month. This is according to the announcement on Friday by the US Agency regarding USA Field and Track Anti-Doping. 

Suspension Of Sha’Carri Richardson Moves Prandini Up To The Third Spot!

The contender for the gold medal has been suspended temporarily for 1 month from the Olympic Team of the US. Her suspension will be starting from 28th June. According to news from Reuters, the sample of Sha’Carri Richardson tested positive last month at the Olympic Trials of the US in Oregon. There, she managed to win the 100 meters women’s race with a record time of only 10.86 seconds.

Sha’Carri Richardson tweeted that she is only a human being after all. She tweeted this cryptic tweet on the morning of Friday, before appearing on the Today Show on NBC. On the show, Sha’Carri Richardson stated that she will take all the responsibility for her actions! 

The USA Field and Track have further informed other athletes who took part inside the US Trials regarding the failed drug test of Sha’Carri Richardson. Every athlete has moved up in the table by one spot according to the report published by the NY Times. The suspension of Richardson also means that Jenna Prandini, who ranked at the fourth position inside the US Trials will be one out of the 3 American women who took part in this race of hundred meters.

WADA has banned the usage of Marijuana in the competition. The time of this ban is from one day before the competition to the conclusion of this competition. USADA considers marijuana as a commonly abused drug and as a substance that enhances performance!