Sha’Carri Richardson Gets Olympics Ticket While Mourning For Mother

sha'carri richardson
sha'carri richardson

Sha’Carri Richardson, the female sprinter from the US, secured a first Olympic appearance for the 100m dash. Minutes later she revealed that she had lost her mother last week. She had gone over to embrace the members of her family immediately after the result.

An Emotional Moment For Sha’Carri Richardson

In the post-race interview, Sha’Carri Richardson said that her family has kept her grounded. She then revealed the tragic news of how she had just recently lost her mother who had given birth to her. She repeated how she was still there, chasing after her dreams and making her family proud. However, she added that no one knows how her life has been. Everybody sees her performance on the track and her poker face. But she said that only her coaches know of her daily struggles.

Sha’Carri Richardson then went on to thank them for being the reason she was standing there. For her, the family has been everything. But she did not talk any more about the death of her mother. 21-year-old Richardson was taking part in the Olympics trial for the first time. She came in the first place, clocking 10.86 seconds. Second-placed Javianne Oliver was 0.13 seconds slower.

The year has been full of breakouts for Sha’carri Richardson. She won the NCAA title in 2019 for the 100m dash. Then she became the world’s second-fastest woman in the 100m in 2021. However, she faced stiff competition from Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce from Jamaica who is also a promising entrant for this year’s Olympics.

On Saturday, she had run the event in 10.64 seconds aided by the wind in the semifinals. She is aiming to be the first woman American to get the gold medal in the 100m after 1996’s Gail Devers. She will compete in the 200m next, starting from Thursday.