Shane West Would Agree To Star Along Blake Lively Following Fan Suggestion

Shane West
Shane West

Shane West is considering his upcoming endeavor! The 44-year-old actor expressed on social media his wish to play Blake Lively’s love interest in upcoming new movie It Ends with Us.

The conversation arise as a fan asked if Ryle is being cast by Justin then who is playing Atlas Corrigan? in response to PEOPLE’s recent Instagram post on the casting of Lively and actor Justin Baldoni. Another user commented hoping it was Shane West, to which Shane West answered slyly with a straightforward emoji of a hand raised in agreement. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 2.0 Landon Carter, “Another fan shouted out Shane West’s A Walk to Remember persona in response to their exchange.

Shane West Teases Fans About Possibility In Being Cast For Hoover’s Film

Blake Lively, 35, seems to be slipping into character already after revealing a shocking new hairdo with colored hair over her latest Instagram Story on Thursday.

The Gossip Girl actress revealed her new brunette hair color with a seemingly seductive picture that had her staring off-camera. After her most recent part was revealed, Lively took a mystery picture. The actress will play Jane the Virgin’s Baldoni, 39, against each other in the movie adaptation of writer Colleen Hoover’s best-selling book. The 43-year-old best-selling author expressed enthusiasm over the movie’s casting in a recently posted video on Instagram on Thursday.

Within the posted video, the author breaks down as she stands in front of the house where she grew up and expresses her gratitude to her mother, who she claims was “loosely” the inspiration for the book. She also says that her mother got them out of the pretty haunting situation when she was little and then brought them here to the referred house.

Hoover thanked everyone and said the role of Lily is being played by actress Blake Lively. “You all, Blake Lively. My dream girl, Lily” the writer said enthralled. She continued about When she met up with Justin Baldoni, who will be the director for the movie “It Ends with Us”, she knew she wanted to cast him as Ryle right away. “I merely believed that he was qualified to play the role” she added. Though the positive news is that he will become Ryle.