House GOP To Go In For Investigation Of Biden Documents Despite Defending Trump


Despite a vast difference between the Trump and Biden cases in the missing files cases, the GOP has entwined the two issues. President Biden has termed as irresponsible Trump’s handling of the classified files.

House Republicans have grabbed on the finding of secret documents at Joe Biden’s private office dating back to the days when he was the vice president under Democrat president Barack Obama. The GOP has demanded multiple probes surrounding the event even though they blatantly defended Trump’s stealing of a stash of secret documents and stashing them at his Florida resort.

Ohio GOP member, Rep. Mike Turner, and the leader of the Intelligence Committee wrote to the National Intelligence Director asking for an immediate assessment of the damage report of the seized Biden records. He has also demanded a lawmakers briefing on all sensitive information that may have been exposed. Turner said that people entrusted with access to such classified documents are obliged and duty-bound to protect them. He spoke of a full review.

GOP Has Attacked Biden While Defending Trump

Turner had defended GOP president Trump after the FBI raided his Florida resort and unearthed dozens of boxes of classified material. But the materials found at Biden’s former home have led to a political headache for the American president. The GOP has mocked the president for terming Trump as totally irresponsible.

Joe Biden faces a question about the type of documents seized at his home and how sensitive they were. Questions are also being asked about the reason the news of the seizure was kept a secret for over two months even though the discovery was made before the midterm elections.

Ohio GOP member Jim Jordan and a House Judiciary Chairman have spoken of the double standards apparent in the whole incident. But there is a vast difference in the magnitude of the two incidents. Biden’s attorneys voluntarily disclosed the discovery of the documents kept in a secure place. But the Trump documents were found near a pool closet open to outside members.