Simone Biles Applauds For Husband’s Victory, Calls Him Her Man

Simone Biles

Simone Biles has her sights set on her boyfriend! During Thursday’s Green Bay Packers game against the Detroit Lions, Biles celebrated her husband Jonathan Owens, the four-time Olympic gold medallist, with a social media message expressing how happy she was for her husband. Retweeting a video of Owens’ feat, she expressed her pride for her man on X, the previous Twitter platform. Biles was also present at Lambeau Fields earlier this week when Owens, 28, and the Packers defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 23–20. 

She shared a cute picture of herself greeting her hubby with a kiss on the sidelines at the moment on her Instagram Story. Just one month before being remarried in an extravagant ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Biles and Owens were legally wed in April at a Houston courtroom. Since then, Biles and Owens, who first connected in 2020 while Owens was playing for the Houston Texans, have been juggling a distance connection ever since the professional athlete joined the Packers in May. 

Simone Biles Says She Feels Extremely Proud For Backing Up Her Husband

After winning her seventh national title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships last month, Simone Biles became the most decorated American gymnast in the history of the global championships. She has also had her fair share of sporting achievements recently. Biles revealed on the Today Show back in October how her marriage has affected her view on gymnastics. “I just get to come in and have the privilege of doing gymnastics,” the athlete said.

Simone Biles said at the time, “I don’t feel like it’s the end all be all anymore, as before I kind of felt like that.” “I get to return home to my house, my dogs, my spouse, and everything.” Thus, it is rather pleasant. Biles continued, “It’s been incredibly fun backing what he loves to do.” “Obviously, my season finished because he’s currently in Green Bay. I can’t wait to visit Green Bay during the holidays to show my support for him.