Doug Mastriano Hailed By Donald Trump

Doug Mastriano

To Trump’s remark on Mastriano, there was no one in Penn State who had done more for the Integrity of the Election than Doug Mastriano.

On Saturday, just days before Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race, Doug Mastriano secured the support of Donald Trump.

Local and national Republicans were worried that Trump might back Mastriano since he is a prominent figure in the attempt to reverse the 2020 election results and was there at the Capitol during the rebellion on January 6.

Trump’s Praises For Doug Mastriano

When the next presidential election rolls along in 2020, voters will remember all of the lies, thievery, and corruption that he revealed. In addition, he will do his best to lower crime rates, secure our borders, protect innocent lives, counter Second Amendment opponents, and rally behind our armed services and veterans. I have a responsibility to be with him because he is a fighter and has been with me from the start, as Trump put it.

However, despite being outspent on television by candidates like Bill McSwain and White, Mastriano was leading polls in the splintered primary. Mastriano also has links to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Someone acquainted with the conversation said that Trump contacted Mastriano on Friday to notify him of his intention to support.

Nonetheless, Trump’s closest advisors and friends, including Fox News personality Sean Hannity, voiced their opposition, and the decision was eventually made.

Another individual with knowledge of the situation said that Trump was first dubious about Mastriano but was won over by his polling advantage and commitment to the 2020 race.