USWNT Destroys New Zealand: Megan Rapinoe And Co Answers Criticism


The USWNT was demolished by Sweden in their previous match. Having a 3-0 defeat, the team was ridiculed heavily. The USWNT is one of the best in the world, and this makes them susceptible to intense criticism. This situation was no different. 

While the fans showed discontent and frustration about the chances of the team to lift the gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo, the media deep-dived into analyzing the terrible performance by the star-studded team. However, most of it was from the detractors who did not like them for reasons unknown and were enjoying the loss.

Megan Rapinoe was no stranger to the harsh criticism faced by her team. She stated that she is aware of the incident and is well updated about the present occurrences of the events. Being Rapinoe, she liked the criticism and also showed signs of confidence since then. She is not one to back away from a fight. 

USWNT Keeps Gold Hopes Open

USWNT is looked at as one of the strongest teams within the competition. It is because they have been champions at the international level for quite some time now. However, following that it is to be understood that the criticism they are being subject to is because of the high expectations from them. 

After destroying the New Zealand team and ending the match with a winning score of 6-1, Rapinoe stated that criticism is always welcomed by her. According to her, the criticism level for women’s sports requires to get better. By better, she does not mean a lesser amount or having the use of softer words. By better, she means that level of intensity needs to increase even more.

Rapinoe aspires to see USWNT at the same level as the NFL teams and expects similar treatment to be passed down to them. She wants the team to be criticized, scolded, or even ripped for their mistakes.

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