Gwendlyn And Christine Brown, The Sister Wives Happy Twentieth birthday, Ysabel!

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Cheers to Ysabel turning 21! The daughter of Christine Brown turned 20 recently and celebrated the day with her mother and the Sister Wives. Instagram users were given a glimpse of Ysabel’s lovely birthday celebration in a photo that her younger sister Gwendlyn posted.

In a family photo, Ysabel, Gwendlyn, Mykelti, Truely, and Aspyn Brown’s mother Christine stood in the middle of the group. Even a clever jest about Ysabel growing up from her adolescent years behind was made by Gwendlyn in the letter. Happy (20th birthday, one day after)! she wrote. In a playful reference to their sister’s romantic life, the woman continued that Ysabel championed teen pregnancy and Aspyn threw the perfect and most amazing birthday party ever.

The Sister Wives Celebrate Commemorating Their Sister’s Twentieth Birthday

Christine also posted some images from the event along with a tribute to Mykelti, another daughter’s birthday, and Ysabel. The mother wrote gladly that she had a few of the most wonderful experiences over the past weekend and had a great time celebrating with ‘the sister wives’ and her kids. She felt very fortunate for the wonderful individuals who took care of her children. One of the numerous occasions the Brown household has been commemorating this year is Ysabel’s birthday. Over a year after divorcing Kody Brown, mother Christine revealed to the media exclusively in April that she was engaged to David Woolley. 

Christine remarked that David treated her like a princess and complimented her every day. She further continued that she has never experienced a love like that before and his mere presence brightened up her day. The journey has already started. When David and Christine took her and Truely in May to Disneyland, Ysabel went there for the journey where the team had a lot of fun. Earlier this year, the sister wives went on a trip to commemorate Gwendlyn’s engagement to Beatriz Queiroz.