Sister Wives Kody Brown Separated From His Wife  

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Sister Wives an American reality show going on since 2010, the story revolves only around Kody Brown, who has four wives. And 18 kids with whom he struggles but manages to keep everything bright and fine, that is what he has been doing. They went through several hardships and still managed to stick around.

Sister Wives Star Kody Was Done With Wife’s Behavior

Keeping four wives happy has been a hectic journey for Kody Brown, and he shared it on screen. He is finally separating from his wife Christine. After 26 years of marriage, they ended their relationship. This isn’t the first divorce or separation happening on sister wives. Kody has done this before and doing it again.

Previously he has divorced Meri, and later he thought of reconciling. And that’s when things started to go downhill with Christine. Meri gave Kody something valuable on his birthday and Christine didn’t take it sportingly. She lost her temper. She hasn’t been a good influence on people. She visits the family party and leaves screaming at people for unnecessary reasons. She felt she was in a loveless marriage.

However, the couple shared their thoughts about each other as sister wives, to the host. Christine somewhere felt Kody wasn’t attracted enough toward her after she tried but didn’t work out. She has done enough and not going to do it anymore. None of them actually shared the news on sister wives, Christine shared that on her Instagram in 2021.

This has been hard, but they will have to do their best to stay in each other’s lives with a positive presence due to their children, and they want nothing to affect them. They will be kind to each other. Apart from all the bittersweet relationship they had Kody has shared a completely different story of how Christine is manipulated and throws temper tantrums over the years. She even kicked him out of the house.

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