Mitch McConnell Supports The Legislation That Deals With The Vacancy Of The Kentucky Senate

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell, the Senator from the state of Kentucky, showed his willingness to agree upon legislation. The legislation is with regard to the vacancy of the seat for the Senate. It deals with the changes in the process of a vacant seat to be filled in the Kentucky state. However, according to the words of a friend of Senator Mitch McConnell, it does not mean that there is an opening for it.

The Mitch McConnell Backed Legislation

The new legislation was put forth by the House committee of the state of Kentucky. It is now just a step away from making a clearance on the floor of the legislature that is dominated by the GOP members.

If the bill supported by senator Mitch McConnell happens to be passed successfully then it will have an impact on the governor who is from the Democratic party. The governor will no longer be able to appoint a candidate of his choice in case of a vacancy.

There is an advantage for the members of the Republican party as of now. They hold both seats of the Senate from the state of Kentucky. Not only that but they are also in majority in both the upper house and the lower house. This gives them the power to override a veto of their choice.

Robert Strivers, the president of the Kentucky Senate, gave a statement with regard to the bill and its association with Mitch McConnell. He stated that the senator has no plans to retire or take a leave. Strivers claimed that the 79-year-old senator was perfectly well. This statement came from him this Friday following all the doubts that started floating with respect to McConnell. People started wondering if the re-elected senator was leaving his office.

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